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AUG 2022

A little heat? Three beauty tips for you to cool off in this long, hot summer

Give me three words: hydration, freshness and vitamins!

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Face, body and mind.

Let's first concentrate on your face: how can we give it some freshness? With Good Vibes serum: an ultravitaminic, gentle, brightening serum that brings positive energy not only to your mood but also to your skin.

Without weighing it down: with Good Vibes you won't feel the masking effect. It is an aqueous solution that allows it to penetrate the tissue immediately, giving essential vitamins and hyaluronic to your skin: in fact, in this season you may feel like not using anything on your face, but just because of the heat and the sun your skin needs to drink, it needs water. And not only that: the vitamins in Good Vibes serum protect the skin barrier because they are natural antioxidants, thus allowing your face to retain turgidity, hydration and radiance.

To refresh your body, instead take a nice shower with the Cell Tonic bath and shower gel: rich in plant extracts that act synergistically, performing a stimulating, toning and draining action. Apply Kumari elasticizing cream, and, if what you're looking for is a cold chill, add a couple of drops of Peppermint essential oil to the cream. And now, let's refresh your soul, your mind.

When we are sick, when we are weighed down by the heat, we are also sick mentally. We can feel fatigued but also apathetic, tired, "pulled." It is called the psyche, and it is very powerful. That's why Lakshmi always puts a drop of essential oils in its products: each of them has information that, through the sense of smell, reaches the hypothalamus directly, stimulating that part of our psyche that can change something in us.

Magic? Maybe a little bit. But it's also science, biology, chemistry-not the contrived, laboratory kind, but Mother Nature's. You can diffuse a synergy of essential oils in your home that will not only scent all the rooms but also help you concentrate better, have more mental freshness and be more responsive: Lemongrass, Peppermint and Lemon.

Have fun creating your own personal mix of essential oils, let them be chosen by you. Your hidden intelligence, the emotional, soul intelligence, is never wrong. Especially when it comes to guardian angels, because that's exactly what essential oils are for you.

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