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olio essenziale di


  • Formato: 5ml

L’olio essenziale di Palosanto è il nostro “118”. Ottimo anche in caso di asma, febbre, tosse. Lavora benissimo anche sull’insufficienza epatica e sul pancreas: puoi massaggiare qualche goccia diluita in un olio per il corpo se hai esagerato a tavola.

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Palosanto essential oil is our 118: you can never miss a holiday! Also excellent in case of asthma, fever,

It also works very well on liver failure
and on the pancreas: you can massage a few drops diluted in a body oil if you have exaggerated at the table.

It also deeply cleanses all our Chakras, in particular it works on the Third Eye: it helps to broaden our sight, our mind and opens us to new situations. And therefore the’ideal for panic attacks, phobias, anxiety, lack of concentration and confidence.

Palosanto is commonly known for being a great one purifier. Purify the place where you will be staying and where other people have been before, rebalancing rooms and wiping out stagnant or heavy energies that can disturb your vacation or sleep.

You can make a pret-a-porter spray:: fill the dispenser with water, pour a few drops of o.e. of Palosanto and spray it in all corners of the room and on the mattress. Shake well before use.


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Use: mix 5 drops with 20ml of massage oil and massage the skin.

Warnings:keep away from sunlight, heat and the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

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