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The incredible properties of Magnesium Chloride

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The incredible properties of Magnesium Chloride

Stefania Del Principe, Luigi Mondo

There is a white salt that has something magical: it is magnesium chloride, an all-natural solution to prevent and treat many ailments, but also to tone and purify the body effectively and economically. It is for everyone: young and old, plants and animals. It has no contraindications, you can buy it at a pharmacy without a prescription and prepare it yourself.

publisher : Meeting point
Publication date : July 2009
Book Format Page 155 1217×17

[: en] Luigi Mondo traces the history and uses of this remedy and illustrates many recipes for health and well-being based on magnesium chloride, alone or combined with other natural remedies, such as essential oils, infusions and decoctions of herbs.

• The importance of minerals for the body;
• What is magnesium and what is it used for;
• Various types of magnesium;
• The history and scientific research on chloride;
• The preparation, doses and forms of use;
• The body that speaks: oriental diagnostics;
• Interaction with herbs and essential oils for the treatment of ailments and for beauty;
• In the kitchen, in the vegetable garden, in the garden, for the animals. [:]

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