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Kapha Ritual for your oily skin.

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for oily skin.

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Kapha Ritual

The skin get a healthy and smooth appearance, and a radiant and transparent complexion. Eliminates the unpleasant glossy effect. Normalizes the production of sebum in oily and impure skin, reduces the predisposition to irritation and has an antibacterial effect. Tests show a 58% decrease in sebum production. The antiseptic active ingredients of vegetal origin actively act against impurities and blackheads.

  • Is Kapha for you?

    "The skin is normal, smooth, soft, but in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is it oilier? Is it rather thick, with enlarged pores, shiny? Blackheads and blackheads especially forehead, nose, chin? Is it dull, unclean, irritated? Acne? Inflammations? Pimples and rashes?"

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Welcome to the KAPHA multisensory ritual.
Discover the line through the five senses and let yourself be guided through them for a totalizing experience of well-being, harmony and rebalancing. Take your time: the key to beauty lies within you, right there at the root of your emotions.

+ Hearing

Listen to music related to movement, the flow of water. The perfect music for you contains the sound of streams and waterfalls. It will help you unblock stagnation, get your lymph flowing. Anything that is movement will give you balance.

+ Olfaction

Diffuse Cinnamon essential oil into the environment: reactivating, stimulating, warming, this essential oil will help you reactivate and get out of your comfort zone.


Observe the Yantra imprinted on the packaging of your Kapha product. It is the Yantra Durga. But who is Durga? She is the divine mother in her most absolute, and most determined and protective aspect: she is that aspect of motherhood that can destroy any negativity that may arise of us. Yantra Durga destroys evil to make way for good, she removes darkness to make way for light. It is the absolute force that works to rout obstacles and clear the way to open it to light.


Take your time to apply the cream. As you massage it into your face, starting from your neck to your forehead, perform slow, deep manual strokes.


Add two scoops of Tisama Depur to the water you are used to drinking during the day to help your metabolisms reactivate and rebalance from within.

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Our Mission

Spreading the love for Mother Nature through beauty rituals with constantly evolving organic products.

Our Products

Lakshmi natural cosmetics are plant-based, reliable and effective.

BIO Certification

Lakshmi products are certified by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture).

Sustainability and ethics

We do not use parabens, petrolatum, animal components and chemical preservatives.