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Everything you need to experience the summer in total relaxation.


Spread from a minimum of 3 drops to a maximum of 10 in the diffuser.

Aerosol with 1 drop combined with a natural solution Inhalations 2/3 drops.

Suffumigi with 5 drops in a pot of boiling water; cover yourself with a blanket.

In bath tub create a mixture of Pada Detoxifying Scrub Salts with a few drops of essential oils and let it melt. Recommended twice a week.



It gives freshness, mental clarity, concentration in the moment
in which you are weakened by the heat. It is able to immediately lower the body temperature and give freshness.

It lowers the perception of heat and if put in diffusion it lowers the perception
the temperature in the room. For those who suffer from the heat, Peppermint is perfect: diluted in cream
refreshes immediately, gives relief in the hottest moments in summerte.

Forlower body temperatureyou can dilute Peppermint essential oil and massage on the body: 5 to 10 drops all over the body.

Applied on the temples and a remedy for headaches and fatigue, lack of concentration, exhaustion caused by the heat.
Use it like this: soak your finger several times to touch the areas of the temples, the Third Eye (between the eyebrows) and under the nose. Massage these areas to better penetrate the o.e .. In situations of fatigue, when the pressure is low, Peppermint brings your attention to the here and now. Repeat the previous ritual with a drop of o.e. on the hand: rub and smell deeply..

Peppermint e also perfect for nausea:and an excellent ally for those who suffer from car sickness. Apply a drop on the stomach, temples, neck and under the nose. Or soak a cotton handkerchief with 2-3 drops and inhale throughout the day.

Pink Geranium

You know that the pink geranium attracts all that is positive to us and drives away negativity Ensures a nice holiday for youa te
and your family with this wonderful essential oil!

It is a wild card essential oil, on the go: it also allows you to worke
on many aspects, being
a restructuring, a stain remover
and an anti-cellulite
. If you cannot take your products with you for reasons of space,
in order not to lose the benefits of the Lakshmi Rituals, the essential oil of pink geranium will help you: you can apply 5 to 10 drops, diluting them in cream all over the body.

It is an all-rounder essential oil, because it is as great asme repellent, in diffusion, at home, but also for topical use on the body with a few drops diluted in your Lakshmi cream: in this way you will also enhance the Lakshmi Anti-Mosquito Spray.

The pink geranium is a compass that helps you find solutions where it seems there are none. If anything goes wrong, in case of shock, the pink geranium will give you gives strength
and the intuition to get out of the most tangled situations..
Try it out at home. It is a feminine essential oil: it helps women organize themselves in their busy daily life.

Always use it in diffusion to create harmony and positivity..

Ylang Ylang

Ylang-Ylang essential oil is magical, enveloping, a balm for the soul.

On vacation it helps us to live inserenity and to completely disconnect
the mind from work. It is the essential oil for those whoe
they never manage to disconnect! Enjoy your holiday, let tensions drop, let yourself go with this essential oil that will give you the opportunitye
to fully enjoy your relaxing days.

Ylang-ylang is also an essential oil erotic: massaged on the belly (one or more drops during the day at the level of the second Chakra) allows you to let go, helps awaken sensuality and abandon yourself to emotions. It is possible to dilute 5 to 10 drops in your Lakshmi body cream.i. Don't overdo it though: Ylang-ylang has an intense fragrance.

It is an abdominal oil that soothes spasms, colitis and painful periods.

Lavender Spica

Superlative for all skin inflammation issues, such as burns, Lavender spica can be used with your Lakshmi creams to enhance their benefits after sun exposure: soothes and moisturizes, regenerates the skin.

Use it like this: pour 5-10 drops of lavender spica into the Pre-Post Sunveda cream after sun exposure and massage all over the body.

In case ofburns, pour a few drops in the Lakshmi Calendula cream for the first months or in the Sunveda gel (adjust the quantity according to the area to be treated)..
Repeat the application throughout the day, two or three times.

Lavender spica is also excellent for scalp burns: a compress
It is ideal. Put a tablespoon of apricot oil with oenothera oil in a bowl and add 3 to 5 drops of Lavender spica. Apply with a pipette on the scalp, massage and leave on.

By applying a drop directly on the insect bite the o.e. of Lavender spica e antiseptic, soothing and healing and also decreases itching and irritation.

Useful forprevent malaisefrom abuse of air conditioning: prevents tracheitis and rhinitis. Massage it on your chest every day. And if the summer brings you to have a few more aperitifs and your body presents the bill with itching and inflammation. Don't worry: help yourself with Lavender It is useful against inflammation, itching and mycosis. For intimate annoyances, you can add a drop of this wondrous essential oil while cleansing with the gentle Lakshmi Pavitra intimate cleanser.


Palo Santo

Palosanto essential oil is our 118: you can never miss a holiday! Also excellent in case of asthma, fever,

It also works very well on liver failure
and on the pancreas: you can massage a few drops diluted in a body oil if you have exaggerated at the table.

It also deeply cleanses all our Chakras, in particular it works on the Third Eye: it helps to broaden our sight, our mind and opens us to new situations. And therefore the’ideal for panic attacks, phobias, anxiety, lack of concentration and confidence.

Palosanto is commonly known for being a great one purifier. Purify the place where you will be staying and where other people have been before, rebalancing rooms and wiping out stagnant or heavy energies that can disturb your vacation or sleep.

You can make a pret-a-porter spray:: fill the dispenser with water, pour a few drops of o.e. of Palosanto and spray it in all corners of the room and on the mattress. Shake well before use.

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