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Chakra oils

The word"CHAKRA"in ancient Sanskrit means"WHEEL".

Man has 7 main Chakras and additional secondary Chakras , in the hands, soles of the feet, nipples and joints. Their shapes, colors and functions are different. Often they are symbolized as lotus flowers with several petals between them. Through the Chakras the vital energy, PRANA, enters the organism, gives it life and maintains it. The Chakra is a vortex of energy with two"openings"or"exits", one anterior and one posterior, which governs a group of functions . When the Chakras are weak, clogged or fragile, the vital energy cannot enter and flow in the organism adequately, the consequence of this are diseases and suffering. Particular gems correspond to the Chakras, placing them in the corresponding places, they gently cleanse, strengthen, make it flow and release energy.

1st Chakra Oil Muladhara


2nd Chakra Oil Svadhisthana


3rd Chakra Oil Manipura


4th Chakra Anahata


5th Chakra Vishuddha


6th Chakra Ajna


7th Chakra Sahasrara


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