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Like the roots of a baobab tree

👍🏻 stability and generosity

👎🏻 depression and self-annihilation

Kapha is normal or overweight, because it has an important bone structure whose tissue is thick. Even if he loses weight Kapha is a person who will never be thin: like Gérard Depardieu, for example, Ashley Graham, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Katia Ricciarelli.

In Kapha everything is calm, reflection, slowness. He is a person who gives the idea of strength, of stability. Stability not only from a physical point of view, but also from an emotional point of view: Kapha is very concrete in her values, she is stable, she has no head shots and will never betray you.

Its element is water as well as earth. Water is also present in Pitta. However, if Pitta water is the sea, Kapha instead is like a lake: the landscape does not change over time. When it is out of balance, however, this lake can become stagnant, a swamp: the water is too still. Hence the tendency in Kapha to develop lymphatic problems.

The Kapha person lives on concreteness and slowness. Before speaking he reflects a lot and is the most complicated Dosha of the three: you never really understand how he is, he has a mood that seems unchanged ... but inside, Kapha needs to be considered by others. Because the Kapha person is happy thanks to others: he finds his real satisfaction when he cares, he loves deeply taking care of his neighbor, friends, family and neighbor in general.

The elements of Kapha are structure and substance. Kapha people have problems related to lymph and earth, elements that give static, calm, but which stagnate when they are in imbalance. At the height of the imbalance, Kapha tends to annihilate itself, literally lets go and can easily fall into depression.

When he is in balance, Kapha is the best person you can count on, the one who will never abandon you: he says yes immediately, without reservations. It is his contribution to others. On Kapha you can always count, it never tells you no, it is always present: you will always find it and it is reliable, faithful. Violating these values is out of the question: it would be like betraying oneself.

The element is the earth, which gives more stability. the sprout from the earth.

Kapha skin is beautiful, has no wrinkles, is toned and full-bodied to the point that you can hardly pinch it. By nature the pores are dilated: consequently Kapha tends to have a sebaceous activity which, if in imbalance, is accelerated. The skin is nourished, but in conditions of imbalance there is excess: too much of everything. One is mistakenly led to think that Kapha is a greedy, gluttonous person. It is actually an imprecise definition: Kapha was born with a slow engine, which does not travel at high speeds. When it is out of balance, one more apple is enough to make it gain weight: the cause is in its "engine", which does not work at maximum speed.

The physical tone is compact, the skin is thick, so when it is out of balance it has no problems. Rather, it is weight gain and lymph that are affected.

Its sense, among the five, is certainly (with) touch and taste. Kapha is a kinesthetic person, with a well-developed taste, who is satisfied with taste by tasting, kissing. It is that person who cannot help but hug you tightly, hug you, hold you to greet you. He is the person you feel safe with, because he is as strong and magical as the roots of a baobab tree.

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