Spreading the love for Mother Nature

Lakshmi's mission is to spread the love for Mother Nature by making people experience deep well-being through beauty rituals with constantly evolving organic products.

Lakshmi in an independent and free way is open to all approaches of those who are motivated to the evolution of the planet, to live a naturally healthy, happy and creative life. Lakshmi offers a complete range of structured training courses combining deep knowledge and the most appropriate practical methodologies.


Lakshmi offers a wide range of natural products made by drawing on the intelligence that Mother Nature has contained in plants. It is with love and joy that Lakshmi offers you this gift for an extraordinarily healthy, beautiful, happy and harmonious life. External beauty depends on internal beauty.


True beauty and perfect health are acquired when the human being lives in total agreement with the laws of nature and the universe. The soul, body and spirit can then harmonize perfectly and allow Ojas (the subtle energy) to manifest itself in its totality.à.