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The fire lioness

πŸ‘πŸ» Harmony and love

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Anger and revenge

Pitta is a normal weight subject, with a harmonious and sensual body, which transmits warmth. It has a lean structure, but not as dry as Vata. There is substance. She might remember Vanessa Incontrada or Scarlett Johansson. A soft body, therefore, but when it is in imbalance it tends to gain weight. Not everywhere: rather in a specific point, in a specific area. Pitta people emotionally, having both fire and water as elements, are very controlled. They are therefore people of a balanced, controlled, organized nature. Fire represents metabolism, body heat and from an emotional point of view also passion. When Pitta is in balance it is like a lit fireplace ... it transmits warmth, peace, passion, enveloping. But when it's out of balance, it becomes a fire. At the maximum point of total imbalance, save those who can: Pitta becomes a volcanic eruption!

Sometimes the Pitta person can be confused with the Kapha person: both give the impression of being in control, but for Pitta, control is more harmful than the explosion itself. It is by dint of containing, that Pitta explodes. It is the subtle difference between a peaceful person, like Kapha, and Pitta, a controlled person.

Physically, too, Pitta is like this: when it is in equilibrium the fire activates the metabolism, when it is in imbalance the body is filled with inflammation and retention. Here then are tendinitis, cellulite, bursitis, dermatitis, gastritis, cystitis. It indicates that the Pitta fire has risen too much and the elements that distinguish it have increased.

Pitta is planned and organized. It is a machine with all the options to overcome any adversity. Pitta forgives, but does not forget. This is because, in reality, he is unable to let go: he must have everything under control. It is hard to delegate.

Pitta is also a habit, whose life is regular and marked by a constant, methodical rhythm. She is also a combative, a lioness who tends to protect people with courage. In the best version of herself she has very high values, she is a Templar knight, she tends to be a teacher and a guide for others. When he is out of balance he is a hypercritical, selfish, even borderline person.

The elements that characterize it are the medium, the heat, the red, the humid, the retention.

Its element is fire and the sense is sight. He loves beauty, he is looking for particularities and details that satisfy the eye. She will never go around messy because she has a great aesthetic sense, everything about her is style. To a Pitta person you have to show feelings not with words, as it works for Vata, but with actions: Pitta must find concrete actions towards him. Its three keywords are programming, planning, control.

The skin of Pitta's face is rosy and delicate: just touch it a couple of times to see it redden, it is very reactive. Pitta tends to gain weight and somatizes: in conditions of imbalance it could develop metabolism problems, which depending on the emotion involved will compromise an organ: if you get angry every day you will have gastritis, hiatal hernia, colitis . He argues and cannot express his emotions. Throat disorders will come, representing "the unspoken". A path of emotions coexists in Pitta..

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