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Like a butterfly in the wind

πŸ‘πŸ» Dynamism and Recklessness

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Confusion and insecurity

Vata is a person of normal weight or sometimes underweight, with a generally small bone structure. They can be tall people, with a lean physique or small and petite. Emotionally they could remember Michelle Hunziker or Roberto Benigni: people all pepper, a breath of movement and energy. They live on impulse, on instinct. Vata is a multitasking person, instinctive and creative, who is inclined to interact with others, to communicate: Vata does not meditate so much, she lets herself be carried away by her strong vital energy.

Vata is like the wind. She mostly follows the values that are important to her at that particular moment. He is easily convinced: you remember the famous Rigoletto aria, "The woman is mobile, like a feather in the wind"... Vata is like that! She needs to be considered from the outside. If you make a Vata person feel insecure, they will tend to fall into despair or run away.

The elements of Vata are the small and the subtle, which we find throughout the body: in the hair, in the pores of the skin. It often has some irregular features, just like the wind. When it is balanced, Vata is like a window which, when opened wide, lets in a light and pleasant breeze. When there is imbalance the wind of Vata begins to be overbearing, it creates disorder. At the height of its imbalance it is a hurricane, which does not know which direction to take, loses its orientation, does not know what to do and becomes insecure, anxious.

Air is its element. An element that can be beneficial if it orientates itself in changes, going towards infinity and beyond, or harmful if an imbalance persists, which leads it nowhere.

Its meaning is hearing. She doesn't like wasting time, she needs speed. She only hears what catches her attention and she also likes to hear the sound of her voice. He talks a lot: he loves talking and telling. When he is out of balance he does not listen. As it is true that he learns quickly he also tends to forget just as quickly. She is sharp, awake, tends to interrupt you because when you speak she already knows what you want to tell her.

From a physical point of view, the thin skin does not have too much muscle and the pores are small: this makes the Vata person subject to premature aging, loss of tone and body intoxication, due to a high speed of food digestion, which fermenting does not create ideal absorption and elimination, so much so that Vata also suffers from constipation. Even the skin, when cell turnover increases too much, appears dull, gray, not luminous.

Vata is like a butterfly flying in the wind: you can't hold it, otherwise it dies, but you can't even leave it too free, because it won't feel considered and it will run away.

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