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Buddha Diffuser

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Buddha Diffuser


Diffuser with multicolored lamp. Use: pour 3 to 10 drops of essential oil into the diffuser as desired and flood your room or office with a pleasant and healthy aroma.


-Remove the cover and the lid of the tank
-Fill the tank with water. For prolonged operation, fill up to the indicated level (120ml). Use water at a temperature below 45 (113 F) and avoid getting water into the air outlet.a.
- Add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil to the tank already full of water (120 ml). For a more intense perfume add more drops of essential oilale
-Do not add more than 2 drops for every 20ml of water..
- Excessive use of oils will shorten the life of your diffusere
-Do not overfill the diffuser tank with water
- Reattach the tank lid and make sure the position is correct
-You can now turn on the speaker


-Press the Mist button on the right side and then set the desired operating timeto
-Press once for continuous-loop.
- Press 2 times per 10 second cycle

- Press 3 times for 1 hour

- Press 4 times for 2 hours
-The diffuser will turn off automatically if there is no water or if the time is upto


Input power: AC100-240V; 50 / 60Hz
Output power: DC24V-0.5A Power consumption: 8.4W

Euro Adapter
Materials: Ceramic + ABS + PP Tank capacity: 120ml

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