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Suitable for all skin types. Used twice a day, every day, it ensures purer, cleaner and more luminous skin.


Apply morning and evening on the face and neck, massage gently with circular movements and remove it with the help of damp sponges or rinse with warm water.


cod. 3002 200 ml and 6.8 fl.oz. resale

cod. 73002 500 ml and 17 fl.oz. cabin




A particularly delicate and moisturizing cleansing emulsion that eliminates makeup and impurities, leaving the skin deeply clean, fresh, soft and hydrated. It offers unparalleled effectiveness, comfort and a delicate purifying effect. Perfectly removes make-up leaving the skin soft, supple and gently cleansed. Perfect in particular for mature and demanding skin, it softens and moisturizes thanks to sesame oil and extracts of Neroli, Honey, Fenugreek, Centella Asiatica and Vanilla, purifies and soothes thanks to Lavender, Grapefruit, Blueberry and Sage. Wonderfully soft to massage, its active plant extracts improve the condition of the skin while the lipoprotein surfactants effectively eliminate make-up and impurities.




Lipoprotein surfactant of vegetable origin, it contains fatty acids of coconut, olive and wheat proteins. It has a selective and non-aggressive physiological cleansing action. Its emollient, moisturizing and soothing properties are evident and it is particularly suitable for the formulation of delicate cleansers.

Sesame oil cosmetologists consider it a valuable aid for the skin, given its high degree of protection from sunlight and its high proportion of unsaponifiables. Obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the plant, sesame oil has excellent emollient, antioxidant and sebum-restoring properties.

Honey: Rich in sugars and nutrients, honey is also a hydration booster. Naturally produced by bees, honey is beneficial for the skin and protects it in all sweetness. Its composition includes carbohydrates (fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose) 90-95% which provide sweetness and hydration. Vitamins (in particular of group B), mineral salts, amino acids that nourish. Enzymes that stimulate healing and natural antibiotic factors that act as powerful bacteriostats.

Vanilla extract vanilla is protective and nourishing, its scent is sweet, rich and greedy. A nectar with regenerating, purifying but also calming and relaxing virtues Rich in polycetones, natural molecules that promote healing and hydration processes and which have been shown to have a global action on all signs of skin aging.

Tocopherol Vitamin E, antioxidant par excellence, it has a strong protective action because it strengthens the body's defense system, helps to reduce the damage caused by environmental pollution, prevents and slows down biological aging, removing unsightly signs of expression over time and maintaining along the skin hydrated, soft and supple.a.

Sweet Orange Flower Extract. It offers antiseptic, emollient, moisturizing, antibacterial and soothing properties. It is also used for its floral, sweet, green and delicate scent.

True Lavender Extract: Lavender Vera is considered antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating.

Grapefruit extract. Rich in vitamin C, it is a powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells from free radical damage.

Fenugreek Extract Fenugreek by stimulating cellular metabolism regenerates the skin. A super active concentrate that penetrates very quickly into the deep skin layers and acts immediately with intensity.

Blueberry extract : Blueberry extract is rich in polyphenols which act as vessel protectors and normalizing the permeability and fragility of capillaries and is used for the treatment of reddened, fragile and sensitive skin. In fact, it has a soothing action on delicate skin prone to redness, protecting its balance, strengthening its natural defenses and improving its appearance.

Centella asiatica : It acts mainly by preserving the structure and tone of the vessel walls thanks to its activity of stimulating the synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts.

Clary Sage Extract : relaxing, purifying, healing




Aqua [Water] (Eau); Sesamum indicum (Sesame) seed oil; Glycerin; Lauryl glucoside; Cetearyl alcohol; Cetearyl glucoside; Sorbitan olivate; Polyglyceryl-2 dipolyhydroxystearate; Sodium cocoyl sarcosinate; Parfum [Fragrance]; Sodium levulinate; Propanediol; Xanthan gum; Sodium anisate; Phenethyl alcohol; Lactic acid; Undecyl alcohol; Mel / Honey; Lecithin; Vanilla planifolia fruit extract; Citronellol; Geraniol; Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) flower extract (*); Citrus grandis (Grapefruit) peel extract; Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) flower extract (*); Trigonella foenum-graecum seed extract (*); Vaccinium myrtillus (Myrtle) fruit extract (*); Gotu kola leaf extract; Clary sage (Clary) extract (*); Tocopherol; Ascorbyl palmitate; Citric acid; Sodium benzoate; Potassium sorbate.

* from Organic Agriculture AIAB CA ITA 100052 CERTIFICATE


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Spreading the love for Mother Nature through beauty rituals with constantly evolving organic products.

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Lakshmi natural cosmetics are plant-based, reliable and effective.

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Lakshmi products are certified by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture).

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We do not use parabens, petrolatum, animal components and chemical preservatives.