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CityDetox - Detoxifying Ritual

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CityDetox - Detoxifying Ritual



Maybe not everyone is aware of it ..

butcarbon dioxide present in the air(and especially in thecity smog), overrides i36 billion tons a year, while the one that hoversinside our homes (coming from volatile organic compounds, blue light, new technologies ..) appears to be10 times higher!

As if that weren't enough, now we learn thateven our breath, trapped inside the nose-mouth protections, produces a quantity of co2 capable of causingmajor injuries to our skin, especially if it is more sensitive to cracking, acne and irritation.

That being the case, we moved towardscosmetic solutions capable on the one hand ofi limit as much as possible this type of problem and on the other ofi repair damaged skin.

Thus was born theCITY DETOX RITUAL 10.89organic par excellence – which helps protect the face, neck, décolleté from oxidative stress, contributing to detoxification and improving the skin barrier function, relieving spots and redness.

TheRITUAL is composed by4 products, each with a specific function, such as to ensure:


Morning and evening, with the use of cleansing milk, to eliminate sebum and make-up residue.


Immediately after cleansing, so that the specific tonic eliminates the residues of cleansing milk, completing the cleaning process, rebalancing the pH and closing the pores.


Final touch, with serum and cream in synergy, to give nourishment and protection to the skin.


Here are ours4 allies with their individual characteristics:

Face Cleansing Mousse Smog Free

100 ml COD 108911
The antioxidant bio-surfactants remove pollution, make-up, and sebum and protect the skin from pollutants.

Face Oxygen Brume
100 ml COD 108922
A biphasic tonic that moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

Face Essence Antismog Antioxidant
15 ml COD 108933
Hyaluronic acid and an antioxidant complex increase skin turgor, make the complexion uniform and act as a shield to strengthen the epidermal defenses against environmental damage.

Face Environment Skin Protection
50 ml COD 108944
A fantastic biomimetic cream that acts as a shield to strengthen the epidermal defenses against environmental damage.


It is recommended in the morning and in the evening to start by purifying the skin of sebum or make-up with the most suitable cleansing milk. This is the most important phase of the whole ritual, because the choice of specific cleansing milk allows you to not degrease either too much or too little, thus creating imbalance.

We proceed by applying the specific tonic. This often neglected but very important phase allows you to eliminate the cleansing milk residues by completing the cleaning process, rebalancing the pH and closing the pores.

The ritual ends by giving nourishment and protection to the skin thanks to the synergistic use of the most suitable serum and cream (day and / or night). By penetrating the tissues faster, the serum facilitates the absorption of the final cream by nourishing deeply.




Different depending on the product

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