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  • Formato: 10ml

Utile contro la tosse. Ridona il sorriso interiore, aiuta a pensare in grande, per uscire da situazioni difficili (esempio tossicodipendenza). Contro il senso di autodistruzione, per persone ipocondriache. Contro la paura della morte.

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Useful against cough. It restores the inner smile, helps to think big, to get out of difficult situations (eg drug addiction).
Against the sense of self-destruction, for hypochondriac people. Against the fear of death.


Cod. 146 10ml bottlel

Use: mix 10 drops with 20ml of massage oil and massage the skin.

Warnings:keep away from sunlight, heat and the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.



  • Decreases Pitta and Kapha
  • Increase Vata
  • Purifying and regulating sebum in case of oily, acneic and impure skin
  • Useful against cough, sore throat
  • Antiseptic for the respiratory tract and genital system
  • Anti-inflammatory, toning, astringent, balsamic


  • Restores the inner smile, helps to think big, to get out of difficult situations
  • Against the sense of self-destruction, for hypochondriac people
  • Against the fear of death
  • Gives the strength and optimism to get out of difficult situations
  • It makes us realize the indestructible purity of our amine and opens us to the beauty of love. Develop a sense for cosmic beauty and universal love
  • Purifying effect on the aura and dissolves inner disharmony
  • It helps us to get out of dead ends, from difficult situations in which we can be plungedti


Ingrediants: Myrtus Communis Cineoliferum Oil, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol.

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