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Synergy Healing and Protection

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Synergy Healing and Protection


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In case of respiratory problems (bronchitis, cough, rhinitis, sinusitis) or viral epidemics:
Mix 60 drops of the synergy (3 ml) with 10 ml of Inophyllum Calophyllum and 20 ml of Rosa Mosqueta oil - Massage the area of the chest and shoulder blades morning and evening.
At the same time drink hot water enriched with one or more hydrolates: myrtle, rosemary, bay leaf, cypress.
Diffuse the synergy or inhale from the bottle regularly.
Take a bath with a handful of sea salt and 8 drops of synergy.
Massage the soles of your feet vigorously before going to bed.
Take 1 drop on the tongue every hour until symptoms disappear.
To further decongest the respiratory tract at night:
Apply some cotton (a little) with 2-3 drops of synergy at the ear entrance before going to bed.
In case of persistent or superinfected cough:
Like above. Add to the massage oil: 20 drops of Pink Pepper (Schinus terebenthifolius).
Take 1 drop of Pink Pepper with honey every two hours until coughing fits disappear.
At the same time drink hot water enriched with myrtle and cypress hydrosol.
To protect and strengthen the immune system:
Smell the bottle regularly.
Apply a few drops once a day on the inside of the elbow, on the forehead and in the thymus area.
Add a few drops to the massage oil or shower gel.
The synergy is particularly effective for massaging the Lung Meridian, the main indications of which are diseases of the respiratory organs, affections of the neck, throat, nose and skin. To combat sadness, focus on the P11 acupoint at the outer corner of the thumbnail.


In the turbulent times of the coronavirus, we have a precious treasure in our hands: the quintessence of plants, or essential oils, probably the most powerful ambassadors of the plant world, which help us protect our physical and energetic immune systems and deeply heal our heart. thanks to these wonderful friends offered by Mother Nature. HEALING & PROTECTION by Lakshmi is a synergy of floral, fresh, invigorating, deep and balsamic essential oils. It decongests the respiratory system, has antiseptic properties and brings relief to inflamed, irritated and damaged mucous membranes. It purifies the air and the mind, strengthens the physical and energy immune system, activates the circulation of Prana / Chi and effectively fights viruses of all kinds. The synergy promotes regeneration and rebirth, purifies and activates the 1st and 4th chakras and then guides the energy to the higher chakras. HEALING & PROTECTION promotes rejuvenation and regeneration at the cellular level. Ginger, cloves and tea tree are the anchor that helps us to remain confident and courageous. With their strong antiseptic and antiviral effect they protect the physical and energy bodies from any type of parasite or virus. Marjoram, Thyme linalool and Rosalina activate prana, ki in the heart chakra. Myrtle purifies the lungs. Lavender Spica is one of the most powerful cicatrizers at all levels. Ravintsara, as proven for decades, is one of the most potent aromatherapy antivirals. The Pino Silvestre is a symbol of fertility, strength and constant renewal. It has regenerating, antioxidant, purifying and oxygenating properties. Niaouli, Ahibero, Oregano, Cajeput are invigorating, immunostimulating and promote energy and endurance. Finally, incense adds a spiritual touch to the synergy, promoting connection, unity and divine protection. A synergy that protects from the physical, mental and emotional negativity that can reign in this moment and helps to remain calm and centered.trati.


Myrtle:  it has a balsamic, antibacterial and skin-purifying action, useful against cough, cystitis and acne. Invigorating, if inhaled it restores the inner smile, it helps to find solutions to get out of difficult situations and negative experiences. Its scent frees the breath, opens the chest and positively affects the mind stressed by everyday thoughts. Well tolerated even by children, it has a mucolytic, expectorant and fluidifying effect on phlegm. It helps to decongest the inflamed respiratory tract, in case of colds, bronchitis, cough of smokers and in all chronic diseases of the respiratory system.

Marjoram: its active ingredients are mainly monoterpenes and monoterpenols and it does not contain phenols. Anti-infective and antifungal, the essential oil of marjoram is useful against respiratory infections and mycoses. Queen of Zen, its calming and rebalancing action eliminates mood disorders and fatigue.
Lavender spica: lavender spica essential oil stabilizes emotions, relaxes and heals both physically and emotionally (anxiety, emotionality, physical and mental fatigue, irritability and mood swings, stress and tension). Linalool, camphor, geraniol and alpha-terpineol contribute to its healing, analgesic and antitoxic effects, but it is above all thanks to its monoterpenic alcohols that it also fights fungi. Thanks to its richness in monoterpenes, the essential oil of aspic lavender is a tonic and general stimulant of the organism. This property is explained by the stimulation of the adrenal cortex. Linalool and camphor are molecules with hypotensive, analgesic, relaxing and sedative properties. Thanks to the anti-catarrhal and expectorant properties of Aspic Lavender, ENT infections are among the indications of the essential oil. It is recommended for bronchitis, laryngitis, nasopharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and spasmodic cough.

Ginger: the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger oil are linked to its richness in sesquiterpenes and in particular gingerols and gingerenones which inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins. Sesquiterpenes are found in large quantities in the essential oil and are active in the central nervous system with hypotensive, analgesic, relaxing and sedative properties. Indicated in immune deficiencies as it globally increases the immune response to external aggressions. Thanks to its antibacterial, antioxidant and decongestant properties, ginger helps to treat: bronchitis, flu, cold, sinusitis, cough (with or without phlegm). It calms anxiety, fights physical or mental asthenia, increases concentration and helps to control black thoughts.

Cloves: it is a general stimulant, a corroborating essential oil in case of great physical or intellectual fatigue. Rich in eugenol, sesquiterpenes, esters, in the case of an infectious disease, the essential oil of cloves will allow the patient to feel much better, to feel less painful, to reduce fever and above all to sleep.
In case of physical fatigue, not linked to a disease: clove essential oil will serve as a stimulant, relieving fatigue and giving energy and the will to react.

Thyme linalool: thanks to the percentage of linalool, the essential oil of thyme linalool stimulates various cytokines directly related to the quality of the immune response. It also inhibits lipid peroxidation, a phenomenon responsible for cellular aging that can reduce immune capabilities. Also valid for general well-being by promoting concentration, calming latent anxiety and depression, disciplining obsessive ideas, nervousness and inner agitation

Tea tree: the essential oil of the tea tree, which flourished over a century ago in Australia, his homeland, is the oil of choice for infectious states. For over a century, the essential oil of the tea tree has been used for antiseptic purposes. The antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal properties are mainly related to a-terpineol. Numerous studies have been conducted on the antimicrobial properties of the tea tree and a clinical study even demonstrates its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic wounds with resistant germs (Staphyloccoccus aureus). The essential oil of the tea tree, thanks to its anti-infective and anti-inflammatory profile, is one of the essential oils to choose for sure for ENT infections, laryngitis, tracheitis.

Rosalina: Rosaline essential oil is also called Lavender Tea Tree due to its biochemical similarity to lavender essential oil and tea tree (antibacterial, antifungal, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory). Its fragrance is also reminiscent of a blend of tea tree and lavender with a hint of eucalyptus, but more balsamic. It shares, as we have said, the virtues of Lavender and Tea Tree and from an energetic point of view the essential oil of Rosalina helps to center us: soothing, energizing and comforting, it helps to regain self-confidence and to open the 4 chakra ( heart)..

Re-think: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-spasmdic and relaxing on the nervous level. Ravensare invites you to relax and let yourself go. Linalool, limonene, sabinene and others are antiseptic and antiviral molecules. Immunostimulant acts on the ground and not on the symptom. Superb antiviral is therefore a useful ally in the prevention of flu and to fight against all forms of viral infection. Energizing supports us in case of physical fatigue and during convalescence. Rich in eucalyptol, it is beneficial for the respiratory tract where it develops anti-inflammatory, expectorant and mucolytic properties (fat cough)
Pine Sylvestre: The richness of the alpha pinene oil thins the mucus and facilitates its elimination. A very interesting property for combating coughs. 8-cineole acts as a total decongestant of the entire respiratory system. Hormonal stimulant, it is effective in cases of asthenia caused by bronchitis, sinusitis or asthma. Thanks to its richness in monoterpenes, the essential oil of Scots pine is a tonic and general stimulant for the body.
Incense: this essential oil is used to calm tensions but also in case of depression. It is also known as a purifier and allows you to free the respiratory sphere and stimulate the body. Frankincense essential oil is one of the sacred essential oils, its enveloping fragrance brings serenity and comfort. Beyond this strong spiritual connotation, frankincense essential oil is a very popular oil: it effectively calms states of anxiety and agitation; In difficult moments or during prolonged stress, it supports the human being and gives a new meaning to life. The anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating effect of frankincense reduces pain and inflammation, both in the joints and in the respiratory system. The application of frankincense essential oil in massage or diffusion induces a calming effect. Improves vitality and vigor. Incense has a subtle action, which rebalances the individual and gives him the necessary impetus to continue. In addition, frankincense essential oil is recommended for various respiratory ailments such as rhinitis (even allergic or caused by pollution), bronchitis or asthma.

Niaouli: Niaouli essential oil has a very broad anti-infective spectrum, whether against bacteria, fungi or viruses.
For example, it is particularly effective against staph aureus or beta hemolytic streptococcus, the germs responsible for many ENT diseases or skin infections, but is mainly used to fight respiratory infections. In this challenge it excels thanks to its anti-infectious, expectorant and immunostimulating properties: it does not frighten a stuffy nose and hoarseness.
Cajeput: Cajeput essential oil contains 1,8-cineole, an excellent antiviral and antibacterial, and its action is enhanced by the presence of alpha terpineol. It also contains limonene, which is known for its fungicidal properties. Expectorant and anti-catarrhal accelerates the fluidization and expulsion of mucus. Furthermore, thanks to its richness in monoterpenes, it is a general tonic for the organism.

Ahibero (Lemongrass from Madagascar): This essential oil with rare molecules is known for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects and recommended in aromatherapy for its help in case of various problems. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of Ahibero essential oil concern not only the digestive system (colon and stomach in particular) but also the respiratory and urinary systems.

Origan: essential oil of oregano is known for its powerful broad-spectrum anti-infective activity. As soon as a serious or repeated infection or superinfection occurs, oregano can be part of an aromatic treatment with anti-infectious and immunostimulating purposes. The essential oil of oregano is the most powerful essential oil for fighting bacteria, fungi, protozoa and other internal parasites. In humans, as in animals, numerous studies attest to these abilities.


Ingredients: Cinnamomum camphora (Ravintsara) Oil, Pinus Silvestris Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Viridiflora Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Ericifolia Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, Thymus Vulgaris Flower / Leaf Oil, Zingiber Officinale Root Oil, Lavandula Latifolia Herb Oil, Melaleuca Leucadendron Cajaputi Oil, Cymbopogon Giganteus Oil, Boswellia Cartherii oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus Flower Oil, Origanum Majorana Flower Oil, Origanum Vulgare Oil, Myrtus Communis Oil, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral, Coumarin, Geraniol, Eugenol..

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