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Use: mix 10 drops with 20 ml of massage oil and massage the skin.
Warnings:keep away from sunlight, heat and the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for children under 8 and pregnant women.


Its sweet and seductive scent does not necessarily reveal its extraordinary effectiveness at the level of respiratory viral infections associated with a remarkable anti-inflammatory action. Its fragrance is powerful but reminiscent of flowers, penetrating but sweet, uplifting but fresh.

The Kunzea makes us aware of our mechanisms, our needs, our powers and our paradoxes. It helps to perceive in advance the political games we play dictated by our oppressed mental, our beliefs and fears.e.

Relieves pain when we become aware of our shadows, when we realize the pain we have generated.

It dissolves blocks and tensions when internal conflicts paralyze us and block us in our evolution and progression. It makes you dynamic, courageous, awakens the entrepreneurial spirit and connects us to the present. Kunzea is the teacher who teaches us to be aware of how I feel the world and how the world feels me.te”.

On an energetic level it activates the heart chakra, transforms the blocks that hinder its opening. Its powerful action on this center causes the heart chakra to later connect more easily to the root and coronal chakras.

Helps develop touch, awakens the intelligence of the heart. Helps to better distinguish genuine emotions and feelings. It is an essential oil to be used to channel emotions and learn how to use them in the right way.

Associated with Pruche, myrtle and bergamot, it helps people who want to free themselves from addictions.

It helps evolution and people who come to the end of a process of reflection.


Ingrediants: Kunzea Ambigua Branch / Leaf / Twig Oil

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