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Violins, violas
Duduk, violin, piano, played in a particular way.
Stimulating and cheerful melodies, the fire element brings emotions, passion, there is activity, transformation
Stringed instruments are used to create a scratchy sound, which is Pitta; the violin is the Pitta instrument par excellence, it is fire.
Pitta Bhu Ga – very balanced and calm, it brings attention to the third chakra. Raga often played around midnight. Strings (cora, oud, harp).
Vasant Mukhari – very charming intriguing passionate. Use one of the scales also used for flamenco. Played with great attention so that it does not become too stimulating; there are notes that have a different effect, depending on how you play (rhythm between notes, tension between notes, use of intervals, interval of four creates tension (rock, always suspended), interval of three does not create tension, interval of five (do-re-mi-fa-sol) makes you feel good immediately Intervals are the distances between notes.
Raga Jog – balancing Pitta par excellence. Sitar played by Paolo. There is the introductory part of the piece (alap), meditative without rhythm.


The whole record has round sounds. Music is not just a matter of melodies and chords, it is a matter of sounds. Some sounds are so rich that even with a single note you can hear the sound for hours and hours.
Shantam has made careful sound research, even in the studio, on frequencies. There are some waves that need to be stimulated and not others. A single sound can completely shift a person's energy. In the sound there is the soul of the player. The same instrument played by two people produces completely different sounds, or even by the same person at different times.

The selection among the ragas is made by Paolo Avanzo. He has chosen three Ragas for each Dosha.
The research on the ragas is complex because traditionally musical information was secret, only now is there beginning to be opening and disclosure of this precious knowledgeze
Over time one begins to recognize what leads to one Dosha or another
The same Raga in two different contexts, or due to a different mood of the musician, changes
Shantam tried to create sounds that accompany people in a relaxed state:
round, non-scratchy sounds; the sound waves are specially chosen and modeled to give softness, to permeate, enter people.
Like a very deep, albeit slow, massage

Intonation of instruments:
the LA in France in the nineteenth century is used at 435 Hz; in the nineteenth century there was a proposal from Rome to bring it to 450 hertz. Verdi proposed 432 hertz as the ideal pitch, because at 432 Hz pacifying, natural mathematical harmonics develop; but instead it was established as a general convention to use 440Hz.
Playing the same piece with the two intonations you feel that the 432 hertz is warmer, more intimate, more natural, more enveloping.
In previous years Shantam heard something out of tune, strident in the intonation at 440 hertz, while with 432 hertz this feeling disappears; therefore the discs are recorded at 432 hertz so the listener will perceive even more balanced music

Raga Hours / Dosha Hours
The intervals of the ragas: every three hours
Dosha intervals: every four hours
There are overlaps
So it is very complex and not easy to read in this key

Music V images of space and air
Music P images of fire and movement
Music K images land hills water

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