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Peppermint water

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Peppermint water


Cod. 206 125ml bottle
Cod. 2063 pack of 3 pieces

Apply to the skin and pat gently. It is possible to use the hydrolates in the vaporizer for cleaning the face or in other devices for the emission of steam. Warnings: avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to sunlight.



  • It has a marked decongestant and purifying action.
  • Applied locally, thanks to its extraordinary scent and refreshing action, it is a valuable aid in relieving the pain caused by headaches
  • Useful for relieving the annoying symptoms of heat exhaustion due to less pause
  • Excellent as a face lotion with a toning and refreshing action and in cases of oily skin, acne, tired and red skin
  • Adjuvant in the activation of the lymphatic and venous system
  • Relieves sunburn


  • Sweetens Pittaa”
  • Helps unlock the 5th chakraa
  • It helps to express oneself and fights hyperemotion
  • It helps in self-realization and in having more clarity
  • It helps to stay calm

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